Join Lizzy and Tricia as they break down what it means to be an ally. Answering the questions: Who are our allies? How can you be an ally today to help shape a better tomorrow?


Join Lizzy and Tricia as they discuss code-switching and the ways that it presents in the workplace as well as everyday life.

Code-switching is often used to define the practice of alternating between two or more languages. Culturally, it is the act of changing our behaviors including mannerisms, speech, and dress to conform to a cultural norm that is different from what we might do authentically with our trusted inner circle. Code-switching can be harmful internally as it creates tension between self-expression and social acceptance. 

Microaggressions are subtle, everyday slights that can be intentional or unintentional directed towards members of a marginalized group.

Join Lizzy and Tricia as they discuss microaggressions in the workplace, how to spot them and how to support the individual being slighted.

Join Lizzy and Tricia as they dive deeper into the complexities of intersectionality in both social and corporate spaces. 

Join Lizzy and Tricia as they discuss diversity in leadership. What do leaders need to do to make the workplace a safe space? Trust and respect for one another in the corporate space allows individuals the room to be their authentic selves and bring their best to the workplace.

If you’re interested in bringing someone in to help facilitate and start the conversation in your workspace, reach out to Lizzy and Tricia on LinkedIn!

Intersectionality breaks down how aspects of an individual's social, personal, and political identities combine to create different means of privilege and discrimination.

Join Lizzy and Tricia as they dive deep into discussing intersectionality and the protection of one's true authentic self.

Lizzy and Tricia discuss tokenism in the workplace. What does it mean? Who does it affect? And how do we eliminate it in the corporate space?

As a woman, how do you start and join the conversation in the workplace?

Join Lizzy and Tricia as they talk to Latiesha Handie about imposter syndrome, changing the narrative, and turning talk into action in the workplace as a woman.

Lizzy and Tricia are joined by Dr. Stephanie Mockler and Sheryl Miller to discuss accountability, consequence, asking the right questions, and making true inclusion a reality in the workspace.


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